How Soft Holding a Wedding Date Can Lead to Disappointment

Sometimes when meeting with a client, a prospective Bride asks, “could you hold our date or let me know if another client wants to book you?” (Translation: we’re still shopping around) And sometimes, that works out fine.

However, that scenario playing out is rare and soft holds don’t usually play in your favor – here’s why: our relationship with wedding planners.

Wedding planners that we work closely with will either directly call or text us about an event date. If that happens, that date is pretty much locked in immediately; with or without a deposit or a contract. Their word is all we need because they always follow through and we have a long history of servicing so many of their clients together. Eventually the paper work will get done, and those clients get first dibs on having us as their photographer.

If you’re a Bride reading this, then A) you shouldn’t rely on soft holds and B) please hire the best wedding planner you can afford. They’re always worth the investment because they have valuable personal relationships with trusted vendors. This will shine throughout the planning and execution of your wedding.

Jennifer and Adam’s Wedding Invitation. Wedding at the Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley, California.

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