Removing a simple sign

A bit photoshop never hurts a wedding photo.  Sometimes a special moment happen with some real-life obstructions.  In this case, you can clearly see a “Restroom” sign right above the

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Fireworks at weddings

Yes, it’s a great idea to have fireworks at your wedding.  From a photographer’s perspective, it’s a whole new light-source to use!  Colorful bursts of lights in the sky can

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Anticipating moments

We’ve all heard it before, and if you haven’t, here’s a valuable tip – the key to capturing authentic moments at a wedding is anticipation.  If a photographer is reacting

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Removing DJ

OK, so we don’t mean literally removing the DJ. Let us explain – wedding photography is not true photojournalism in the sense that photoshop is used plenty. Even though we

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Engaging Golden Hour

Golden hour is a sliver of magical lighting just after sunrise or before sunset. When the Sun is above the horizon, the sunlight’s intensity is reduced because of increased distance

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