2021 Hopes & Dreams

2021 is here and already shaking things up! Last year, we learned that anything can happen and we’ve adapted to adjust our lifestyles, plans and hopes. We’re learning how to roll with the punches and be flexible to adapt to all the changes. Large gatherings seem to be a thing of the past and intimate, masked weddings have been the way to go. With the limited soirees, we’ve been able to be more intentional with details and the things that matter most – our loved ones, our health and what truly makes us happy. But we can’t wait for the day when face coverings are a thing of the past and traveling internationally is as easy as it used to be! Who knows what this year will hold but one can only be hopeful that we will soon be able to give hugs, share meals and dance the night away with the ones we love.

We can’t wait for the days of hugging, dancing, traveling and gathering with all of our favorite people!

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