Multiple angles at an outdoor wedding reception

Keep a photographer on the balcony at all times. Better yet, you stay there because top-down shots are always worth it. This image was shot during Alana and Brent‘s grand entrance into their outdoor reception at Pelican Resort.

Bride and Groom share a kiss as they enter their wedding reception at Pelican Resort

Split seconds later – one shot taken from a photographer on the ground and another shot from the same balcony photographer capturing the moment with cheering guests in view.

Bride and Groom entier their weding reception at Pelican.
Cheering guests greet the newly weds at Pelican Resort in Newport Beach, California.

And finally we had a drone flying up at the same time. We photoshopped out the photographer on the balcony for the client because we want them to believe that we are magicians. Outdoor wedding receptions offer incredible opportunity for us to capture more aerial drone shots that would otherwise not be possible in a traditional reception ballroom.

Aerial view of the Bride and Groom's grand entrance at beautiful Pelican Hill Resort, Newport, California. Photographed with DJI Mavic Pro 2.

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