Photographer Insurance

Wedding photographers are invited to amazing locations to photograph a couple’s special day.  Resorts, hotels, private homes, beaches, mountain tops, churches, warehouses, wineries, restaurants, someone’s backyard, boats, and list goes on and on.

Photographing on top of a helipad at The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills
Photographing on top of a helipad at The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills

In hotel or resort weddings, the venue manager will ask the photographer (and other vendors) for insurance certificates.  When we worked in Seattle, it was very rare to provide insurance but we had one anyways for our own gear protection.  In California, if you look like a pro then people will want your paperwork.  Your insurance agent can generate a valid certificate for you upon request.  Below is an example of what it looks like.

Wedding Photographer Insurance Example

Photographer insurance costs vary depending on your coverage needs and the type of work you do.  It can cover your gear, accidents, and your shooters/staff should anything happen.  If you don’t have a photographer’s insurance, then your client will be forced to sign a bunch of waivers on behalf of you which will make you look less professional and they become liable.  Just booked a wedding next year?  Get an insurance right away.

Working at Montage Laguna Beach
Working at Montage Laguna Beach
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