Retouching Ceremony Picture

In this world of advanced digital imaging, retouching photographs have become faux pas.  This has been true in photojournalism since authenticity of the original image is vital in telling the true story.  Most recently, France has made into law where photoshopped or retouched photographs must be labeled with a notice.  The spirit of this law is to combat unrealistic body images and eating disorders in advertising and fashion photography.  The topic of retouching is different in the wedding industry, since our job is to create dream wedding photographs for our clients.  In a live event like weddings, there are many uncontrolled elements in which a little photoshop can really enhance a photograph without changing the moment.  With that said, here is one recent image that we enhanced in post-production.

In the following before and after overlay, we removed the two videographers, videographer’s tripod, and the fencing at the back of the ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards.

Original Photo

Wedding photo retouching work: before

Photoshopped Photo

Wedding photo retouching work: after


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