Tips for Hiring the Perfect Professional Event Photographer

One of our favorite wedding planners, Ilana Ashley Events recently interviewed us on how to hire the perfect event photographer.  Our photo and video team worked with Ilana on fabulous wedding of Rosalie and David.  We also teamed up for a styled bridal shoot at an iconic Los Angeles venue Vibiana that found home at California Wedding Day Magazine as a featured publication.  Since we are very confident with photographing luxury events, we dove into her questions.  Click on the image or visit Ilana’s website for full article.

1. What should someone look for when choosing an event photographer?
Look for a photographer with extensive experience in varying lighting conditions and moments. Most photographers’ portfolios are full of daylight and afternoon portraits but largely avoid extreme lighting situations in which most events occur. For wedding clients, unless the entire wedding is between 4-6PM, every couple should consider photographers who demonstrate mastery of high-noon portraits, backlit ceremonies, dim churches, candle-lit receptions and ballrooms bathed in LED lighting. In addition, look for the photographer’s ability to capture fast-moving and candid moments. Images worthy of cherishing for a lifetime happen just once and those moments usually only last for one or two seconds. Great photographers are versatile in any lighting situation and can anticipate the moments worthy of a great capture.

2. What is the one thing you wish people knew about event photography?
You want a photographer who is always moving around, yet remains discreet. A photographer who is constantly on the move will create attractive angles that result in the best images. Conversely, a photographer who remains in one position with a zoom lens will create multiple perspectives from one angle which yields dull images. Another aspect of a great photographer is their flexibility with ever-changing timelines, venue restrictions, and dozens of other variables that can change without notice.

3. How would you describe your photography style?
We incorporate both editorial and photojournalistic styles. Editorial style is best utilized in portraiture where natural and effortless poses along with beautiful lighting will result in timeless portraits. The remainder of our coverage is focused on capturing fleeting moments. Our unobtrusive and discreet style allows us to photograph our clients with a natural ease which yields gorgeous photographs.

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