Romantic Night Wedding Ceremony at Pelican Resort in Newport

Majority of wedding ceremonies are held during the day when the sun is shining down on earth.  Susana and Hayes opted to have their wedding ceremony during twilight.  Twilight is when the sun is below the horizon causing refraction and scattering of the sun rays into atmosphere, resulting a soft glowing light in the sky.  This romantic twilight doesn’t last long, so by the time wedding ceremony is done the sky is black.

As a photographer, you have to be prepared for incredibly low-light photography with walking subjects during procession and clean flash photography during exciting moments of the bridal recession.

Susana and Hayes’ wedding planner Jeannie Savage of Details Details prepared a super romantic wedding ceremony decor at The Pelican Resort in Newport Beach.

Aerial photograph of the night time ceremony set up at the Pelican Resort in Newport Beach, California
Bride walking to her wedding ceremony site at twilight.
Bride and Groom at twilight
Bride and Groom walking in together.
Just Married! Newly weds waslking out of the wedding ceremony.
Romantic moment among the candles.
A beautiful moment during the couple's first dance.

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