Incredible lighting in Seattle for Kate and Trevor’s Wedding

When we started our wedding photography journey, Seattle was our home.  We shot over 500 weddings there as a company, in almost every nook and cranny where weddings could be held.  We are now based in Los Angeles, but every now and then we head back to the Emerald City for a few special clients, like Kate and Trevor who held their wedding in Sodo Park near downtown Seattle.

We feel ‘at home’ whenever we get to photograph a wedding in Seattle. The city is evolving, and we can now also bring our evolved Californian style to weddings in this gorgeous city for our discerning clients.  People say it’s rainy all the time, but we think it’s actually beautiful all the time.  From a photographer’s point of view, Seattle’s outdoor lighting is always fascinating.  In the case for Kate and Trevor’s wedding — deep blue skies with stunningly warm light peeking through clouds to gave us these special moments:

Bride and Groom near Sodo Park in Seattle
Kate holding Trevor's arms (baseball player!)
Bride and Groom in Sodo area of Seattle
Kate and Trevor inside a Vintage Rolls-Royce

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