A Photographer's Wish List

  1. Clean Suite/Room. No water bottles, luggage bags, purses, miscellaneous food items, etc.  Bride’s room should be clean and empty of clutter.  Please use glasses or champagne glasses to drink water.
  2. All Bridesmaids and Mom‘s make-up should be complete before the Bride.  We want them to be smiling in the background as we photograph the Bride getting ready.
  3. Bridesmaids don’t need their phones (except when making that TikTok).  Even if they’re unaware, they’re always in the background of our photo.  Be present and enjoy the day.
  4. Do not let make up and hair artists set up in front of the big sliding patio door or a large window.  We usually need this areas in front of the window/door to photograph our Bride.   If they must, then let them know that they will have to move their station when the photographers arrive.
  5. Family/Guest logistics – assign all family/guest logistics to someone in your family.  We’d love our Bride and Grooms to be distraction free on their wedding day.
  6. Comfortable Shoes – Please break in your shoes or have a comfortable backup pair.  Be comfortable and your photos will be more natural and engaging.
  7. Bridal Bouquet – if it’s fragile (i.e. Lily of the Valley), then please have 2 copies made.  One for photos and a fresh one for the ceremony.  Please have Bride’s bouquet available where the Bride is getting dressed.
  8. Enjoy the wedding day!
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