On the wedding day, we shoot thousands of images and provide our clients with what we consider to be the best shots from the day as a photographer.  However, there are a few clients who wishes to see the entire uncut source material from the wedding day.

The following options include ALL photos that we have taken on the wedding day.  These will include out of focus, blurry, black frames, testings, lighting tests, and blinked eyes.  By ordering the images below, you are acknowledging that these are not finished images.  Here are our options:

  • Digital Delivery of all images via Dropbox.  Medium file resolution (2400px on long side): $750.
  • Digital Delivery of all full resolution JPG images:  $1000.
  • USB Drive with all full resolution JPG images:  $1200
  • Camera RAW files.  Delivered in a hard drive.  Only recommended for photographers or persons with RAW file knowledge.  We do not provide any technical support on how to handle Camera RAW files. $2500.
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