Night shots in downtown Los Angeles with Rosalie and David

Majority of the Bride and Groom portraits are done during the daytime when the lighting is beautiful.  It’s also easy for almost any photographer to make a descent photo as long as their composition is coherent.  One thing we love to do with our clients is to take them out for a night stroll, taking a short 5 minute break from hard dancing at the reception.  It’s usually a welcoming experience as we take the just-married couple away from the stuffy and sweaty dance floor to the cool street breeze.  Here, we took Rosalie and David to the streets just outside the event venue Vibiana for a few photos.  First two shots are done with flash, and the last image was made using only available light from the street lamps, glow from a few neon signs, and vehicle lights as they passed by.

Night shots with the Bride and Groom in Downtown Los Angeles
In front of Vibiana's massive door in Downtown Los Angeles
Street and vehicle lights as only light sources.

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