Pick up the Bride

We thought we’ve seen everything then Edward picks up Diane like this: Weddings are always full of surprises and we’re fortunate to be there to capture them. Shot on a

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Engaging Golden Hour

Golden hour is sliver of magic lighting just after sunrise or before sunset. When the Sun is above the horizon, the sunlight’s intensity is reduced because of increased distance and

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New Branding + Website!

Welcome to our new website! This new site allows us to visually narrate an entire day of a client’s wedding day. Thank you to all of our incredible clients that

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Protecting Wedding Photographs

We’re going to start our New Year’s post with the single most important thing for wedding photographers – or any photographer for videographer – backing up and protecting your data. 

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Photographer Insurance

Wedding photographers are invited to amazing locations to photograph a couple’s special day.  Resorts, hotels, private homes, beaches, mountain tops, churches, warehouses, wineries, restaurants, someone’s backyard, boats, and list goes

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Retouching Ceremony Picture

In this world of advanced digital imaging, retouching photographs have become faux pas.  This has been true in photojournalism since authenticity of the original image is vital in telling the

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