Flying a drone just before the grand entrance

Drones have been around for sometime with wedding videographers, but only recently has the photo quality improved enough for us to take a dive into flying drones at weddings. We shared them on our social media recently at a bridal session, Kim and Kanye’s Christmas Party, and a wedding at Pelican Resort. It provides us with another great vantage point of view. As exciting it may sound, photographers have to be well prepared so that they don’t miss another crucial moment because they were too busy “landing the drone”. For example, we love this sweet moment of the Bride and Groom rehearsing their first dance below, but one must be aware that there are hundreds of precious moments that are happening inside the tent at the same time. Be certain that you don’t miss an incredible “traditional-ground” shot standing on earth. For the shot below, my assistant got the drone in the air, so I only needed 2 minutes to take this shot and run back inside the tent.

Aerial shot just before the grand entrance of the Bride & Groom.

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