About that Photo Usage

We LOVE shooting weddings.

We LOVE editing wedding photos.

It’s been our PASSION, ART, and our LIVELIHOOD.

Being a professional photographer for 20+ years, we have gathered a number of wonderful clients.  Over 50% of our work is now NDA for celebrities, notable individuals, or public facing clients whom have reason to keep their photos private.  So it’s always exciting for us to share some photos of what we’re passionate about.

Just to keep things private – we get it.  We are very private people.  After all, we chose a profession that’s always behind a camera!


  1. We won’t use any names or tags.  For example, we’ll refer the photos as “A + J”
  2. We will only use Bride, Groom, and bridal party, and decor photos (flowers, venue, etc).
  3. We’ll only use decor photos.  Fee +50% package fee.
  4. We won’t use anything.  Fee +100% package fee.

You may ask, “Can the photographer ask for permission before using a certain photo?”  Well, we’ve been around that orbit so many times and some clients simply don’t respond.  Nothing we can do about it, and we don’t have time for that anymore.  Please be confident.  We have the trust of the world’s most well known celebrities and their families.  Just take a look through our social media and know that we only post tasteful images.  Our business is built on beautiful photographs of our clients.  Nothing embarrassing nor questionable is ever used without a clear blessing from a client.  Let’s have fun at your wedding.