Your wedding must be photographed beautifully, otherwise it didn't happen.

The Basics

Whose John and Joseph?

We are brothers.  Our dad was a photojournalist in South Korea and a war photographer in Vietnam.  Photography has always been around for us, but it became a full passion in college.  Now we are privileged to work for some of the best clients and event planners in the world.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

15 years.  We began in Seattle, then relocated to Los Angeles with encouragement from wedding planners.

What is your experience?

Harper’s Bazaar named us as one of the top photographers in the world.  We are also trusted by the world’s best wedding planners and discerning clients.  Weddings and private event clientele includes:

  • Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger
  • Kardashian-Jenner Family (5+ years)
  • Seth Curry & Callie Rivers (NBA)
  • Jon Rahm & Kelley Cahill (PGA)
  • Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici (The Bachelor/ABC)
  • Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert (Bachelor in Paradise/ABC)
  • Quentin Richardson & Miya Manuel (NBA)
  • Isaac Slade & Anna Chiarelli (The Fray)
  • Nikky Whelan and Kerry Rhodes (Actress/NBA)
  • Doug Christie & Jackie Christie (NBA)
  • Christine Quinn & Christian Dumontet (Selling Sunset/Netflix)
  • Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams
  • Jessica Alba
  • Dr. Dre
  • Michael Bay
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Russell Westbrook
  • DeMarcus Cousins

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

You can book us as far out as one year before the wedding.  Longer, if you are working with a wedding planner we’ve worked with before.

Photography Style

Our work has a distinct editorial edge, characterized by cinematic elegance.

Our background in photojournalism and editorial fashion has shaped our ability to be un-obtrusive in the intimate and real moments, yet present in our guidance to create timeless portraits. It’s also important to us to honor the couple by being intentional with the details and provide a curated experience.

Digital.  We started our photography with film and processing manually in the darkroom.  Although there are inherent nostalgic beauty to this process, modern weddings require modern cameras to capture best moments.

Film cameras are limited to 36 exposures which require photographer to change film, whereas it’s common for us to shoot 100+ images in a single moment to capture the absolute best.  In addition, every shot is duplicated immediately in two different memory cards, thereby backing-up our photos instantaneously.

Here is a link to our latest client highlight galleries:

Most are immediate previews from the last weekend’s client work.  Here are some full weddings with highlights.  We recommend looking at Highlights first to get an idea of what the couple’s day was like before diving into Full galleries.

Yes, sometime before the wedding, please provide us with your family list so that we can assemble a photo list for family and group photos.

Pinterest? Sure, we’d love to take a look at what inspires you and talk about some creative things we can do at your wedding.  It’s exciting for us to collaborate with our clients to create something unique and special.

A photo list that contains such as “Bride walking down the aisle, the first kiss, guests dancing, cake” are not necessary as we’ll capture them naturally with our experience.

Yes, we love to provide drone photos whenever possible.  We do not charge for this as we believe it’s something essential if your venue allows for it.  Some photos and our thoughts here.

We highly encourage all of our clients to do an engagement session.  This is a casual or a formal photoshoot with your lover sometime before the wedding at a location of your choice.

This allows you to get in front of our camera to practice various poses before the wedding and get some great photos that will last a lifetime.  Here’s more info on our sessions.


John and Joseph team is trained exclusively, ground up by us.  Our team consists of photographers with specialties in portraiture, decor and design, low-light, and strobe specific shooters that we can deploy per event.


We love cameras, and use some of the best professional equipment available.  We always have plenty of backup and backup of backups available at every event.  Specifically, we use Sony A7 series cameras as our primary equipment.  With duplicated memory card slots, photographs are immediately backed up.  At the end of the day, the two separate memory card sets are sent to two different destinations.  Our overly geeky blog article here.

With our large team of photographers, we are able to deploy additional or replacement photographers quickly.  We have never needed to do this, however, because we usually bring additional team members.  You can be assured that our team consist of two principal photographers and a few lead photographers allow us to be each other’s immediate backups.

The primary photographer booked for you exclusively working at your event.  No other appointments/events.

Black suits and professional equivalent for women in our team.  If you are having a specific theme event (i.e. all white party), let us know and we can dress appropriately.  Check out some of our behind the scenes clips on our Instagram.

Yes absolutely!  Our shot will be the best one, so kindly let them know it’s useless for sake of shooting something.

If we have not been to your venue, then we usually show up earlier than scheduled to scout the location beforehand.  It’s more ideal to think about similar venues as yours rather than the same venue.

Do you really want to hire a photographer whose worked 100 times at your location?  Chances are, the photographs will feel repeated, automated, and sometimes dated.  Some of our best work has been at venues that we’ve never been to before — because we are always excited to work at new venues.  New lighting, walls, hallways, decor, views, and new sunsets – they all span fresh ideas and exciting looks.


Yes definitely.  You can be assured that we never leave an event without checking in with your planner and making sure that all major event client wanted is captured.  If you need us to stay much longer, than additional rate is $700/hr.  Time can be prorated if needed.

Yes, our business liability insurance covers $4M and we can provide insurance certificates to any vendor that requests it.

We’ll be in touch with your wedding planner for a specific event timeline, family lists, and all logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Pricing + Packages

Our retainer fee is $4000.  Remaining balance is due one-month before the wedding.  We accept all major credit cards, wire, and checks.  Payment page here.

Yes, we can schedule an auto-payment through our system.

Rescheduling: If clients need to postpone their wedding for any reason, just let us know which new dates you are considering.  If we are available, we’ll transfer full retainer and same contract to any new wedding date.  Rescheduling a wedding can be a big headache, so we’ll keep it as easy as possible.

Cancellation: No refund on cancellation for any reason.

Los Angeles & Orange County: No travel charge of any kind.

Other Southern California Counties: We may request reimbursement for basic lodging for our team.

All other locations: Reimbursement or provide basic airfare, ground, and lodging expenses.  At your request, we can calculate expenses beforehand.  None of our clients will ever receive surprising travel bill.  We keep it basic and simple for our team.

Yes.  About half of our clients customize our packages in some way.  It’s common for our destination clients to change Engagement Session to add more coverage time on the wedding day.  Let us know what your wedding day looks like and we can adjust a package for you.  You can also make any changes before the wedding.

Weddings: Preview within one week (ie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).  Full gallery in 60-90 days.

Weddings usually 1000-2000 images.  Specific number depends on the length of the coverage, guest count, and decor.  We’re very comprehensive with our coverage.

Once the wedding proofs are provided, here are the next steps:

  • Digital downloads – immediate to anyone with link.
  • Purchase photos – all photos ordered online are retouched and printed.  Usually 3-7 days.  Sooner on request.
  • Album selects – if the client selects their favorite photos for the album, we design and produce the album layout for review. Usually 3-8 weeks.  Sooner on request.  Video and photos of our albums are here.

Yes, all of our photo galleries allow unlimited, free high-resolution downloads.  All photos are clean without any watermark/branding.  You can print them on your own if you’d like.

We love being a part of a multi-day events for our clients.  Just let us know what your wedding week looks like and we can customize a package to document everything for you.

Let us know you’d like to move forward and we’ll send you our contract.  Once we receive the contract and retainer fee, we’ll confirm and you are all set for your photography needs.

We’d love to say yes, but in reality we cannot promise that.  Only fair and best practice has always been first-come, first-serve basis.  We are artists, not sales people that pressure sells to our clients.  Here is an article we wrote about soft-holds.

If you are working with a wedding planner we’ve worked with before, then chances are we may be in constant communication about many things – including your upcoming wedding since we believe in building relationships and repeating great experiences for our clients.

Other things

Yes, we have our own team: Cinesugi.  We also love working with Hoo Films and Elysium Productions.  As long as they are professional and experienced, we can produce great work together as a team.  If you have any questions about any potential videographers, shoot us an email with their work and we can let you know if their style will complement the way we work.

Our sister company Halogen Pictures for high-end event portraiture.  For all other types of photobooth experiences, we love our friends at Hashtag Photobooth.

Yes!  This is incredibly important, because we do not outsource editing to any third party.  Everything we do is created by us and our own team.  All photographs, retouching, and design work is carefully handled in-house.  Only third-party we use are album crafters and a professional photo-lab that specialize in printing and making books for our clients.