The Blushing Bride

About a 1/3 of our Brides have a blusher with their bridal veil.  And when they do, some choose to walk down the aisle with it over their faces.  Our

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Cherry Blossom Season!

Cherry blossom season is here, and this means beautiful wedding photos even around a parking lot! Couple under a cherry blossom tree A beautiful Bride under a cherry blossom tree

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Anticipating moments

We’ve all heard it before, and if you haven’t, here’s a valuable tip – the key to capturing authentic moments at a wedding is anticipation.  If a photographer is reacting

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A sweet moment in sequence

Wedding photography is about telling stories.  Here is a sweet moment shot in sequence.  Photographed in the lobby of the hotel after their first look before the beginning of what

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Balcony Shots in Mexico City

Our team of 6 went to Mexico City recently for this wonderful couple’s destination wedding. Danielle and Sean’s wedding weekend was incredible to be a part of. We are finalizing

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Removing DJ

Wedding photography is not true photojournalism in the sense that photoshop is used plenty. Even though we capture authentic moments, we also use tools to ensure that the reality is

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After the After-Party

Usually we photograph our Bride and Groom inside the ballroom before the guests enter. Sometimes, the clients have an after-party in another spot when the guests leave the reception room.

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It’s a privilege to be working for this wonderful family.  This incredible world created by Mindy Weiss.  We can not even begin to imagine how this was possible in such

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Rehearsal Coverage

It’s always nice to be a part of a client’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Besides the obvious benefit of making great photos for the clients, this is a very nice

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Pick up the Bride

We thought we’ve seen everything then Edward picks up Diane like this: Weddings are always full of surprises and we’re fortunate to be there to capture them. Shot on a

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Engaging Golden Hour

Golden hour is sliver of magic lighting just after sunrise or before sunset. When the Sun is above the horizon, the sunlight’s intensity is reduced because of increased distance and

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Protecting Wedding Photographs

We’re going to start our New Year’s post with the single most important thing for wedding photographers – or any photographer for videographer – backing up and protecting your data. 

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Photographer Insurance

Wedding photographers are invited to amazing locations to photograph a couple’s special day.  Resorts, hotels, private homes, beaches, mountain tops, churches, warehouses, wineries, restaurants, someone’s backyard, boats, and list goes

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